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An appeal by Silvia Punzo, founder of Simabo:

August 30 was my birthday.

Do you want to help?

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How you can help

For my “gift”, I asked my friends and everyone who knows Simabo’s work in Sao Vicente (Cape Verde), to help contribute to building the fence around our shelter.

The shelter currently houses about 90 dogs and is in an abandoned factory of 4,000 m2 (about 4,800 yd2). We have constructed 30 kennels and 3 large courtyards areas for running.

Our guests are cared after by five people who are present day and night so that they have everything they need  and remain healthy and as happy as possible.

But the inner courtyards are not enough to guarantee our guests an optimal stay.

They miss the sun and the fresh air of the sea.

The few minutes walk on a leash that we can give them every day are too few to satisfy their curiosity and their need to be outdoors.

Given the large space at our disposal, a well-made fence will allow us to give everyone a better quality of life while ensuring their safety.

Unfortunately, not everyone is nice to dogs they meet on the streets. For example, in the close vicinity of our shelter, recently a dog was stoned to death.

Under the best conditions, this would allow us to accommodate short term boarding for a fee. In turn, this would increase our revenue to enable self-financed funding for our ongoing spaying/neutering campaigns.

As the sea is made of drops, no offer will be too small to achieve our goal. Moreover, even if we do not reach the target, we can always start with a smaller enclosure and then expand it when we have other funds.

The important thing is to start!

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