Sex: male

Age: 3 years, 4 months

Size: medium

Weight: 15 kg


His Story

F was found tied up at a tree in front of our tent during a castration campaign.

The team thought that the owner had no time to wait for his turn, as it was crowded. So when it was his turn he was neutered and they waited for his owner to pick him up. But he didn’t come. So the team took the dog to our shelter.

In the following morning they took the dog with them again, thinking that the owner maybe didn’t have time to pick him up after neutering. But the owner didn’t come until late. So the team released the dog, as he belonged for sure to somebody who lived in the vicinity.

After a couple of weeks we received a call, that there was a dog tied up at a tree, full of ticks, somewhere in town. Our driver went to pick him up, and it was him again! So he took him to the shelter again, and he is staying with us since then!

F needs your help

You can directly sponsor F.

Fill in the form to donate (by credit card or Paypal). Check the box "Write us a comment" and insert the name F

How we use your donations:

  • €14 covers the expenses for a week;
  • €27 provides the food expenses for a month;
  • €39 supports the food and logistics costs for a month;
  • €68 supplies the total costs for a month;
  • €87 funds the total costs and any veterinary expense for a month;
  • any other amount will be kindly appreciated to help another room mate.

If you want more information on the sponsorship or if you prefer a different payment method, please visit our sponsor page

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