Sex: female

Age: 1 years, 4 months

Size: small

Weight: 5 kg


Her Story

Hello, I am Marie. I was rescued together with my brother Tony and my mother who unfortunately didn’t recover from her wounds.

I was very shy at the beginning and frightened about everything new!

I used to hide underneath the bed, inside the dog house, behind other dogs. Well, anywhere far from people. Thanks to the patience of the staff and volunteers, I started to open up a little bit.

I am still learning about this new world, which I first related to fear, loneliness and pain. Step by step, I see it’s about love, fun and being together with other animals and people. I know the next big step would be to find a home I could call mine.

A place where I can feel safe and learn more and more each day.
Come and meet me, you will see I am ready for my forever home.

Marie needs your help

You can directly sponsor Marie.

Fill in the form to donate (by credit card or Paypal). Check the box "Write us a comment" and insert the name Marie

How we use your donations:

  • €14 covers the expenses for a week;
  • €27 provides the food expenses for a month;
  • €39 supports the food and logistics costs for a month;
  • €68 supplies the total costs for a month;
  • €87 funds the total costs and any veterinary expense for a month;
  • any other amount will be kindly appreciated to help another room mate.

If you want more information on the sponsorship or if you prefer a different payment method, please visit our sponsor page

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