Sex: female

Age: 9 years, 2 months

Size: medium

Weight: 15 kg

Sponsored by: Sonia


Her Story

Hello, I am Sushi!

I was rescued from the streets of Mindelo when I was at the end of a pregnancy and in really bad shape. Only one of my babies survived, Silvestre, who is still at the shelter with me.

I was very young, so I like to say that I grew up since then.

Today, they call me cheerful, balanced and loving, which I agree! I love to go for a walk, be with other animals, and spend time with my human friends. I am ready to share a home with someone who will love me forever!

Someone to share other adventures with and cuddle on the couch at the end of the day.

Sushi needs your help

You can directly sponsor Sushi.

Fill in the form to donate (by credit card or Paypal). Check the box "Write us a comment" and insert the name Sushi

How we use your donations:

  • €14 covers the expenses for a week;
  • €27 provides the food expenses for a month;
  • €39 supports the food and logistics costs for a month;
  • €68 supplies the total costs for a month;
  • €87 funds the total costs and any veterinary expense for a month;
  • any other amount will be kindly appreciated to help another room mate.

If you want more information on the sponsorship or if you prefer a different payment method, please visit our sponsor page

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