Hallo liebe Tierfreude

Mein Freund sein Kumpel und ich waren 10 Tage auf Kap verden unterwegs und bei unseren Reisen sind wir auf das Tierheim Simabo gestoßen. Wir haben uns angewöhnt bei Reisen Tierheime zu besuchen und vorort Spenden abzugeben. Dieses Mal bin ich auf Simabo aufmerksam geworden. Wir waren begeistert. Das Tierheim ist in einer alten Fabrik … Read more

Volunteering dog therapy at Cape Verde

From the guestbook: After a couple of coincidences, I ended up staying at the Simabo hostel for a few nights at the end of my Cape Verde holiday. I was only half aware that this was the Mindelo’s animal shelter and the hostel set up to support its activities. Just a short, three-day experience changed … Read more

Thank you Sofia!

simabo sofia

In spite of her young age, Sofia Gião Torrinha has a profound and genuine love of animals. She’s vegetarian because the animals are all the same: a dog doesn’t deserve more respect than a chicken nor a cow. Large or small, no animal deserves a life inflicted with great suffering. This great love for animals … Read more

Like a dog changes your family

a girl kissing a dog

Writes Alessia Zanon, sister of one of our volunteers (Stefania Zanon) came to us in July 2013 and adopted out to Italy, our dog Kiara. It’s already been two years since Kiara, for Momi friends, it became part of my life. Momi was that element with which my family has changed for the better. My … Read more

Rossana and Giorgio’s travel

silvia and simabo volunteers

It’s ready for lovely our friends the album of Rosanna Ranieri, our medical director, and Sergio Fiora, veterinary volunteer, supporter and advisor and also a photographer for the occasion! The album portrays the highlights of the last days of the project co-funded by the EU, which ended on 31.01.2016. To see it all, click on … Read more

[fr] Le meilleur ami du chien (et du chat) c’est… Simabo!!!!!

simabo volunteers

Simabo est la seule association qui ait pour but de prendre soin des chiens et des chats au Cap Vert. Elle est basée sur l’île de Sao Vicente, à Mindelo, où les animaux sont d’habitude laissés à eux-mêmes, errants et perçus comme une menace, trop souvent blessés par les voitures. Je les ai découverts, au … Read more

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