Our Max needs special care

Beautiful Max, our oldest dog, the soul of Simabo, is ill. Luckily enough, Iris van Maarschalkerwaart and her husband Dr. Caspar a vet from Holland specialized in holistic treatments, and dr. Catarina Fogaça, from Veterinarians without Borders Portugal can take care of him. Before leaving for Holland, Caspar teaches Catarina how to put needles for acupuncture. Max is now doing … Read more Our Max needs special care

Great news!

dog at Simabo shelter

Great news! The album of our animals looking for a sponsor is ready! 💞 Some stories are still missing but they will be ready soon! Thank you to Hannelore Hauquier for the great work. 🙏💙 Thank you to all the volunteers for the great pics and thank you to every body who will sponsor one of our … Read more Great news!

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