One of the oldest dog adopted from Simabo: Pulci

simabo's dog Pulci

Today our new “adoption officer” Paulo Coimbra visited Pulci today. He is one of the oldest dogs adopted from Simabo, 6 years ago, by Mrs Maria. During this time he has been also very ill, as he was affected by VTT, a sexually transmitted tumor, from which he recovered thanks to oncological treatment. Thanks Mrs Maria for … Read more

[fr] Plus de nouvelles de Lou

Voila maintenant près de deux semaines que je suis rentré du cap Vert, et, passé le choc du voyage, Loulou commence à aterrir et à prendre ses repères. Bien évidememment il ne manque de rien, et ne manquera plus jamais de rien. Quelque part , dans son difficile début de vie,  dans son atroce errance, … Read more

Lou’s story

Well, here I am, my name is Lou, a little dog rescued from Santo Antão. Finally, I saw my dad. He came from France to pick me up. With Paolo, of Simabo, we went to the airport and we saw happen a huge thing in the sky, in a terrifying ROAR. Apparently, it’s a plane, … Read more

Lucky strays

dog simabo lucky

Nadia writes us on Facebook, asking for help for another stray: “Hello everyone, yesterday night I fell in love with the sweetest stray dog ever. I met him in Terrafal, Santiago, he’s a puppy and he really doesn’t look healthy, he needs some good care and I would love to do it. The main problem … Read more

The small dog Silvestro

small silvestro dog at simabo

On March 1, the dog Silvestro will be two months and will be ready for adoption. It is clean and very strong, having nursed by her mother during all this time. We are looking for a responsible family who welcome him as a son. Thanks!!

A new life for Feo

This is Feo, who now happily lives with his new owners Cristian and Laura in Italy. When Cristian and Laura found Feo on the streets, he was approx. one month old. Stray dogs kept him company. Cristian and Laura decided to take him to Italy with them. SIMABÔ helped with all the formalities necessary to … Read more

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