A very intense week: more than 100 castration in 5 days.

In the past week we mounted our tent in Ribeirinha. As always was the participation high: about 20 animals per day were spayed/neutered. And we are still not finished: tomorrow, Saturday we’ll go on with more operations! Thank you @Guy and @Ravi for the great work! And thank you to all the donors that make … Read more

2017 statistics

simabo's vet surgery

Some statistics for the month of April. 224 animals neutered, of which: 123 dogs (52 males and 71 females) 101 cats (40 males and 61 females) For a total amount of about 4000€ including: vet salary; surgical materials; anesthetics; antibiotics; deworming treatment; microchips for the dogs. Not including: assistants’ salaries (2), car costs, advertising costs … Read more

A Thursday At Simabo

vet working at Simabo's clinic

Today was just a Thursday, like every Thursday, like any other day: tens of people with their animals visit our clinic in Mindelo to treat their beloved friends. Some of them will be spayed/neutered, other will be consulted, some will be dewormed or receive a dose of Frontline against ticks and fleas, two dogs came … Read more

First spaying/neutering day in Craquinha

sterilization tent simabo

First spaying/neutering day in Craquinha, on the outskirts of Mindelo. Thank you to all our supporters that make this possible, day in day out. This morning at 7.30 our mobile clinic is almost ready. A beautiful and very tame cat who came in a cardboard box will be neutered today. Our vet. Guilherme Regy Oliveira … Read more

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