Stop the puppies from the garbage!

puppies in the garbage

Stop the puppies from the garbage and the rasty nails! The children use them like a toy, but not for this the chances of survival increase, while it is very high risk of mortality from parasitosis, infections, malnutrition, thirst and accidents. Not to mention that the internal and external parasites are not good even to … Read more

Story of a lucky cat

blue lucky cat

Blue is a lucky cat! It was found stray street from our Ravi, the day of victory of Benfica. Of course he called her Benfica. When it arrived at the office of association was very hungry, so our Nanda gave her the milk with the syringe. But after food, she cryed so much more. So … Read more

Simabo denounces the inhuman situation in the Praia kennel


Gruesome is the least that can be said to describe the way in which the municipality of Praia is handling the problem of stray dogs. With electrocution and then leaving dead animals rot with others, who are meanwhile left without food or water for days, awaiting execution. “an employee has reported the situation to a … Read more

The story of the dog Paper

The story of Paper is one of slight compromise, under a very different set of circumstances than I have been used to in the past. I’ve been animal rights activist coming up 10 years, never in this time have I ever made deals based on sharing of goods for the better treatment of animals, I believe this is a short goal and the change has to come from the heart of the individual.

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