European Union Delegation at Simabo’s clinic

Friday, February 5 we received the visit of Dr. Luis Maia, Head of the European Union Delegation Cooperation Section in Cape Verde and Dr. Ana Sofia Vieira Silva, in charge of programs.

european delegation and simabo's team

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The visit lasted nearly two hours and affected all the location of the project co-funded “Fight for stray dogs on the island of São Vicente – Pilot project for the Cabo Verde archipelago” ended on January 31.

The clinic Rua Angola, the little distant offices, the hostel, which also houses the cat shelter, walking distance from the office and from the clinic, and the refuge in Lazareto, which hosts about 90 dogs.

simabo's clinic

Dr. Maia and Dr. Ana Sofia have visited the clinic in normal operating hours, so being able to see the great influx of people with their pets, a sign that the project is well taken root in the local community.

Dr. Maia and Dr. Ana Sofia

Sure to have made good use of the funds received, thank you once again the European Union Delegation to Cape Verde for its support to the project, which allowed the sterilization of more than 8,000 animals in four years with a reduction of 25% of the population canine island.

dogs in boxessimabo trucksimabo dogs

Now, to maintain this position, continue sterilization and prevent a resurgence of stray dogs, we need the help of all of you!

silvia and Dr. Maia

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