Resolutions that last: do good, explore and fill your soul

Article wrote by Marta Romão, who volunteered at Simabo for two months.

February reminds us of the promises we made to ourselves for this new year. Our social media feeds constantly remind us of how the first weeks of 2020 are flying, and internet memes ask us with a mean tone: “what have you accomplished so far?”.

Today, I’ve come here to talk about resolutions that last all year long and the pleasure to take things out our bucket list, so we can add new ones. Please do go ahead with eating more fruit and always take the stairs, and every other resolution that we can use in our daily lives. But dare to listen to your dreams and give space to those butterflies in your stomach to spread those wings and fly.

Today, I am here to share with you a bit of the magic of a small island in the Atlantic, where dreamers who dared more meet. And if you are reading this, it means you have started your journey of listening to your gut and joined us virtually or in person.

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It keeps astonishing me, when I think of the beautiful souls from all over the world that met in São Vicente: at a hostel kitchen, or at a shelter in the middle of sandy mountains, where you sometimes feel like in the middle of nothing. A friend once told me, before I headed to Cape Verde to volunteer, that his wish was that I would meet a lot of different people, all with their struggles and ambitions but that, somehow, would collide with my path.

In the eyes of a rescued puppy, in the energy of the waves of the ocean, or at a laugh with the local people, I found out a common to joy to each of us. By doing good, I found out an accomplishment that fills your heart with warmth and dilates it, more and more.

Puppies at the shelter

Talking with people from different ages, culture and backgrounds, I found out the same wrinkles of laughter when playing with the dogs at the shelter, the same tears when one puppy had to be put to sleep, and the same chest dilating with love.

When looking at those dogs at the shelter, on the streets or at a castration campaign somewhere remote, I see the same happiness when they feel better, safe and taken care of.

Today, at this first month of the year, I am here to challenge you to aim for this joy that fills your soul and to dare to be forever connected to such magical creatures. And to start, I would like to take you through our new animal gallery, where you can find the faces and the stories of the animals at Simabo’s care. And if it feels right, choose to sponsor one for the whole year. Go together through this new blank page knowing you’re making the difference in someone’s life. And then, who knows, you might end up meeting your pet and other dreamers, in this magical place in the middle of the ocean, right in the center of your heart.

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