Resolutions that last: do good, explore and fill your soul

Article wrote by Marta Romão, who volunteered at Simabo for two months. February reminds us of the promises we made to ourselves for this new year. Our social media feeds constantly remind us of how the first weeks of 2020 are flying, and internet memes ask us with a mean tone: “what have you accomplished … Read more

King’s Day in Holland

Thank you so much to our Dutch supporters Elly Cornelissen e Peter Groen for raising 600 euros for us on King’s Day. 🙏 For the occasion, many friends donated objects for the charity sell and their lovely dogs accepted to be dressed in orange and to be petted and photographed by supporters that donated 50 cents! 🧡

SOS volonteers

Finally on Volunteer World as well! One more platform with all the info you need if you like to apply for volunteering with us. Come and make the difference for our animals! 🤩

New partnership!

Great news from Vasco Calixto who is still volunteering for us from home! Thanks to his experience and his hard work, he managed to sign partnership agreements with 2 students’ associations in Portugal: the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine in Lisbon and the Faculty of Biotechnology in Porto. So starting from now we’ll be able to receive … Read more

Maintenace work at Simabo

We had never had a volunteer only for maintenance because it is difficult to find someone who is able to cope with a lot of different kink of work. So when @Darko arrived and made himself available for maintenance we really didn’t know what to expect, but it was a big surprise! Darko could do … Read more

A very intense week: more than 100 castration in 5 days.

In the past week we mounted our tent in Ribeirinha. As always was the participation high: about 20 animals per day were spayed/neutered. And we are still not finished: tomorrow, Saturday we’ll go on with more operations! Thank you @Guy and @Ravi for the great work! And thank you to all the donors that make … Read more

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