Sexo: masculino

Era: 7 anos, 3 meses

Tamanho: grande

Peso: 20 kg

Patrocinado por: Andrew


História dele

I am Merlin, nice to meet you! I was rescued by volunteer Jeannie Deibel from the main square of Mindelo, upon a telephone call of some people passing by me.

I was dismayed and very heavy for Jeannie. Fortunately somebody stopped by car and took us to the volunteer’s house. I had been washed with crioline, a toxic disinfectant used for cleaning floors.

This is common practice in Cape Verde, to kill ticks, when the dogs are infested. Simabo’s team washed me with soap and warm water and then put me on fluids for a couple of days until I recovered.

When I was up and running again they put me on the street expecting that I go home…. But I didn’t.

And I stayed in front of the shelter’s door for days, until they put me inside again. I won! But Now I need a real home.

Merlin precisa da sua ajuda

Podes apadrinhar Merlin.

Preenche o formulário para doações (podes utilizar cartão de crédito ou Paypal). Seleciona “Escreve-nos um comentário"" e escreve o nome Merlin

A que se destinam a tuas doações::

  • €14 cobrem as despesas de uma semana;
  • €27 cobrem as despesas de alimentação durante um mês;
  • €39 cobrem os custos de alimentação e logística durante um mês;
  • €68 cobrem todos os custos do animal durante um mês;
  • €87 financia os custos totais e qualquer despesa veterinária durante um mês;
  • qualquer outra quantia será de grande ajuda para outro animal do nosso abrigo.

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